Waste separation

Waste separation

Waste – a big topic in Germany – and eventhough the Waldhaus itself has just HOUSEHOLD rubbish bins close to the bike stand behind the green building, there is much more you can do – for waste separation.

Close to the street into direction Ilseplatz you can find GLAS and PAPER garbage bins – the glas itself is separated here in white, brown an green glas. Paper is just paper as well as cardboard or similar stuff und is collected in 5 paper garbage bins.

Also there next to the glas and paper garbage you can find a CLOTHES collection container, if you have any old (but still not busted) shoes or clothes you can put them in a plastic bag into that container.

Further on, PLASTIC garbage is often talked about and a huge problem in our society, but you can also seperate it fron the household garbage. Herefore you have to get yourself the “gelben Sack“. In there you put any plastic packaging and when it is full, you put it at the street the evening before it is collected (garbage removal calendar).

BATTERIES can be placed into the green bin in the groundfloor of the green building next to the green post boxes. Also all of the shopping centres (like Netto, Aldi, Lidl..) have battery collection boxes at their exits).

For any ELECTRONICAL waste get help from the caretaker (find the contact information in the Q&A section on the right

For any other information about garbage feel free to contact us, we are pleased to help.