Presidium Members

Once you are here in waldhaus, the name Prasi/Presidium will be a very common word you will hear. The presidium is the student body of Waldhaus responsible for organizing cultural events, and renting places such that you have a nice time during your stay at waldhaus. 

Presidium members are residents of waldhaus (students) who are elected by the other residents through an election that happens twice a year.  Being in the presidium has its own perks like rent reduction, stay extensions, etc(if you are interested please reach out to the members for more information). 

Below is the list of residents with their respective positions and duties. In case you need help you can join our waldhaus telegram group (No we don’t have a Whatsapp group) to get help or be updated about the latest events.

In case you decide to reach out to the members directly by knocking at their door, please respect the timings and availabilities, they are students as well.

If you were unable to reach them by knocking on their doors you can contact them via the contact forms.

If this was also without success contact the heimpresidents.

P.S: They are not full-time employees / full-time caretakers of the place