You can find the printer in the ground floor of the green building next to the reading room.
You can print, scan and copy documents there.
Printing from a USB stick is possible with this printer.
Scanned documents will be sent to the email address you input at the printer
Here are all instructions you might need:

If the printing paper is empty or if you need help do not hesitate to contact the netzwarte.

“Unauthroized Copy” Watermark

If you had problems with the printer printing “unauthorized copy” over your documents, I found a way to prevent this in the settings on your PC:

Druckeinstellungen > Detaill. Einstellungen > Effekte > Schutz vor unautorisiertem Kopieren > Details > Anwendertext ” “

Copy Cards

You can buy the copy cards from the floor representatives in the following sizes:

Amount of copies Price
55 2,50€ + 2€ deposit (4,54 Cent per copy)
100 4,50€ + 2€ deposit (4,50 Cent per copy)
200 8,50€ + 2€ deposit (4,25 Cent per copy)