internet in the rooms

You are allowed to use the internet access in your room, but before you should have a look on our “Netzordnung” before and should also keep it in mind.
You have a monthly traffic limit of 100gb – if this is exceeded your internet access will be blocked and released automatically after the months end.

If your internet is not working any more, you might be blocked by the HIZ – the current network provider of the waldhaus. You will then find your IP here – if so you must solve the issue, that your device(s) are causing (viral infecting, background malware etc.) for example with Desinec’t and afterwards contact the hiz directly – if not contact the netzwarte for further help and support.
But please be reminded that sometimes it takes up to four weeks to solve the issue as the netzwarte as well as the hiz people do net get paid for the services provided!

routers & LAN cables

You can get Routers, long and short LAN cabels and also power strips (Mehrfachsteckdosen) from are “Netzwarten”.

mailing list

You can suscribe to our mailing list via

port sharing/ vpn

Manche Programme, wie zum Beispiel Steam, League of Legends oder Whatsapp-Call, funktionieren aus dem Waldhausnetzwerk nicht.
Um dieses Problem zu umgehen, könnt ihr einen VPN client verwenden.