Every Sunday at 4pm we all get together to have some cake and coffee in the kitchen. A member of the dorm committee always bakes and prepares everything for you, just come down and meet the Waldhaus community.


From Monday to Friday you can come down to the kitchen every morning (usually between 9 and 11) and have some breakfast in good company and relaxed atmosphere. Just take a seat on the table and have some coffee or tea and enjoy fresh breadrolls with different spreads and cold cuts for studentfriendly prices.

Every now and then we’ll make some pancakes or eggs for you or bring fresh croissants.

AND – Sometimes we go even bigger by organising for example an English Breakfast or a Bavarian Beer Breakfast.


Other events take place in or outside of the kitchen such as

  • pumpkin carving on Halloween,
  • cookie baking around Christmas time,
  • colouring eggs for Easter
  • or BBQ in summer and many more!

If you want to rent the kitchen, contact the kitchen tutor.
We’re looking forward to seeing you!