Frequently asked questions

This site is run by students living at Waldhaus.
We are elected representatives of the inhabitants. You can reach us via https://waldhaus-sb.de/contact/.
We are not the Studentenwerk. Solely the Studentenwerk is responsible for rental of apartments.

  • the presidium are students, self-managing the dorms everyday life
  • come to a meeting (first monday of each month) to learn more
  • you are always welcome to ask the presidents for information

so you cannot sleep or study?

  • go downstairs and ask the people to keep the noise down
  • if noise continues write down their names/ room numbers and tell the caretaker the next day
  • if noise comes from Heimbar (make sure it does!), contact the presidents and they will do their best
  • at last instance you might think about earplugs as the social part is a very important part in the Studentenwohnheim
  • also if there is no heimbar (Studentenwerk might close it if you complain there), the presidium has no possibility to pay for the washing maschines and has to shut them down

Contact the Heimpresidents, it costs you 5€ but they can unlock your door.
You may also call a professional locksmith, but this will cost you some hundrets of Euros.

  • You can find deteils here.
  • Everybody having their own flat has to pay it.
  • You can free yourself from paying it if you are receiving BAFöG.
  • It’s a flat rate amount for being able to use radio and TV.
  • Join the gym-Whatsappgroup via invitelink
  • look into the postbox of your predecessor
  • contact the sportstutor directly to unlock the gym for you
  • Did you restart your router?
  • Did you reset your router?
  • Did you plug it with another LAN cable into the socket in the wall?
  • Is it connecting to other devices?

If all these things do not help or that “Saturn”-like looking light is orange or off feel free to contact our Netzwarte via the contact formular and add your MAC and IP adress as well as the operating system of your computer or laptop.

  • Knock on their doors (not before 9am or after 10pm – they also need sleep!)
  • Contact them via the website’s contact form.
  • Use the mailing list.
  • Hope that they will read your message in the whatsapp/ telegram group.
  • Check the washing rules here, then you’ll know what to do!

  • Join the „Waldhaus“ Telegram Group.
  • Join the “Waldhaus” mailing list.
  • Keep track of our Calendar.

  • Yes you can. Find instructions here.
  • Yes, we are lending lot’s of things, e.g. a bike-pump, air-matress pump, a bike, vacuum cleaner, a „Schwenker“ and many more things.
  • Just contact the presidents for that.
  • Download Cisco Any-Connect and connect to the University network via VPN.
  • On the homepage of the Studentenwerk – here.

  • We have got lots of information on that here.

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