If you want to rent the kitchen, heimbar or the Schwenker you first – of course – have to speak to the tutor responsible and then sign a rental contract.

To print or prepare yourself what to sign and which responsibilities you will gain when you sign the contract, you can have a look on them here first:

Printer instructions

In the following you’ll find instructions how to scan print and copy using our inhouse printer how to install the printer driver.


Parking permit application

If you are a waldhaus resident and have a car you need to apply for a parking permit as it is a privat parking around the waldhaus and the housekeeper needs to know who is resident and who is not. Cars without parking permit will be towed away.
When filled out throw the application into the post box of the “Heimpräsidium” (ground floor of green building across from the green postboxes). You’ll then get the parking permit thrown into your postbox.


Of course there are also rules in the Waldhaus to make life easier.
Following the link below, you’ll be able to have a look on those that former Students of the Waldhaus agreed on: