During the Summer term, the Waldhaussport has always rented the Beachvolleyball courts at University. You can find the courts just between the swimming hall an Uni Fit (B 5.1), or being more precise – across from the “Juristencafé” (B 4.2). For those of you who still do not know where this place might be, here is a map:

On this map you’ll find a blue marked path – this is the faster one next to the street – and a purple one – this is the more beautiful one leading you through the forest.

But what if you are coming from University?

Then have a look here:

But WHEN is Beachvolleyball? This depends on the semester, currently it is SATURDAYs from 2 – 5pm. Last summer there wasn’t any, because they renewed the court. The summer before it was on sundays at 6pm with open end.

In the following you can get a small impression of it:

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